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  • Advocates for teaching: Reconceptualising the practice of teaching development in a university

    Spiller, Dorothy; Bruce Ferguson, Pip; Pratapsingh, Preetha; Lochan, Shant; Harris, Trudy (2010)
    Teaching development units have been provided at most Australasian and British universities over the last thirty years. Typically, units have provided workshops, courses and individual consultations in a variety of formats. ...
  • Learning from evaluations: Probing the reality

    Spiller, Dorothy; Harris, Trudy (2013)
    This paper reports on findings from a major New Zealand research project around staff perceptions of student evaluations of teaching. The main focus of this discussion is the insights that the research afforded into staff ...
  • Tertiary teachers and student evaluations: never the twain shall meet?

    Stein, Sarah J.; Spiller, Dorothy; Terry, Stuart; Harris, Trudy; Deaker, Lynley; Kennedy, Joanne (Taylor & Francis, 2013)
    Internationally, centralised systems of student evaluation have become normative practice in higher education institutions, providing data for monitoring teaching quality and for teacher professional development. While ...