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  • Planning in the post-pandemic era

    Haughton, Graham; White, Iain; Pinto, Nuno (Town and Country Planning Association, 2020)
    The COVID-19 lock-down has exposed shortcomings in how we have been planning our towns and cities, and in the new political space that this is opening up planners should look for a ‘new normal’ that reduces inequalities and risks.
  • Risky spaces: Creating, contesting and communicating lines on environmental hazard maps

    Haughton, Graham; White, Iain (Wiley, 2018)
    This paper examines the tensions involved in the production, presentation and revision of hazard maps, focusing on the controversies that have become increasingly common when they are used to change government policy. Our ...
  • Risky times: Hazard management and the tyranny of the present

    White, Iain; Haughton, Graham (Elsevier, 2017)
    This paper examines how the processes and practices of hazard management skew decision-making towards current concerns, shaping the treatment of the future in the present. We reveal how norms of science and policy combine ...

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