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  • Acanthaster planci invasions: applying biosecurity practices to manage a native boom and bust coral pest in Australia

    Hoey, Jessica; Campbell, Marnie L.; Hewitt, Chad L.; Gould, Brendan; Bird, Rosemary (Regional Euro-Asian Biological Invasions Centre (REABIC), 2016)
    Coral reef systems are in global decline. In Australia, much of this decline has been attributable to cyclic outbreaks (every ~17 years) of the coral-feeding crown-of-thorns seastar. While a native species, when in large ...
  • Assessing nature's contributions to people

    Diaz, Sandra; Pascual, Unai; Stenseke, Marie; Martin-Lopez, Berta; Watson, Robert T.; Molnar, Zsolt; Hill, Rosemary; Chan, Kai M. A.; Baste, Ivar A.; Brauman, Kate A.; Polasky, Stephen; Church, Andrew; Lonsdale, Mark; Larigauderie, Anne; Leadley, Paul W.; van Oudenhoven, Alexander P. E.; van der Plaat, Felice van; Schroter, Matthias; Lavorel, Sandra; Aumeeruddy-Thomas, Yildiz; Bukvareva, Elena; Davies, Kirsten; Demissew, Sebsebe; Erpul, Gunay; Failler, Pierre; Guerra, Carlos A.; Hewitt, Chad L.; Keune, Hans; Lindley, Sarah; Shirayama, Yoshihisa (AAAS, 2018)
    A major challenge today and into the future is to maintain or enhance beneficial contributions of nature to a good quality of life for all people. This is among the key motivations of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy ...
  • Assessing the impacts of nonindigenous marine macroalgae: an update of current knowledge

    Davidson, Alisha D.; Campbell, Marnie L.; Hewitt, Chad L.; Schaffelke, Britta (De Gruyter, 2015)
    Nonindigenous marine species continue to be one of the foremost threats to marine biodiversity. As an update to a 2007 review of the impacts of introduced macroalgae, we assessed 142 additional publications to describe ...
  • Biosecurity messages are lost in translation to citizens: Implications for devolving management to citizens

    Campbell, Marnie L.; Bryant, Dominic E.P.; Hewitt, Chad L. (Public Library of Science, 2017)
    The increasing focus of marine biosecurity agencies on transferring management responsibilities to citizens and industry begs the question whether devolved responsibility is a viable option for creating biosecurity outcomes. ...
  • Classification of non-indigenous species based on their impacts: Considerations for application in marine management

    Ojaveer, Henn; Galil, Bella S.; Campbell, Marnie L.; Carlton, James T.; Canning-Clode, João; Cook, Elizebeth J.; Davidson, Alisha D.; Hewitt, Chad L.; Jelmert, Anders; Marchini, Agnese; McKenzie, Cynthia H.; Minchin, Dan; Occhipinti-Ambrogi, Anna; Olenin, Sergej; Ruiz, Gregory (Public Library of Science, 2015)
    Assessment of the ecological and economic/societal impacts of the introduction of non-indigenous species (NIS) is one of the primary focus areas of bioinvasion science in terrestrial and aquatic environments, and is ...

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