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  • Curriculum implementation exploratory studies: Final report

    Cowie, Bronwen; Hipkins, Rosemary; Boyd, Sally; Bull, Ally; Keown, Paul Ashley; McGee, Clive; Cooper, Beverley; Ferrier-Kerr, Jenny L.; Hume, Anne Christine; McKim, Anne M.; Moreland, Judy; Morrison, Michele; Bolstad, Rachel; Spiller, Lorraine; Taylor, Merilyn; Yates, Russell (Ministry of Education, 2009)
    Throughout the history of schooling in New Zealand the national curriculum has been revised at fairly regular intervals. Consequently, schools are periodically faced with having to accommodate to new curriculum. In between ...
  • Developing students’ futures thinking in science education

    Jones, Alister; Buntting, Catherine Michelle; Hipkins, Rosemary; McKim, Anne M.; Conner, Lindsey; Saunders, Kathryn J. (Springer, 2012)
    Futures thinking involves a structured exploration into how society and its physical and cultural environment could be shaped in the future. In science education, an exploration of socio-scientific issues offers significant ...
  • Education for sustainability in New Zealand schools: An evaluation of three professional development programmes

    Eames, Chris W.; Roberts, Josie; Cooper, Garrick; Hipkins, Rosemary (Ministry of Education, New Zealand, 2010)
    This Summary Report summarises an evaluation of three Education for Sustainability (EfS) professional development programmes being funded by the Ministry of Education: the Enviroschools Programme, the National EfS (NEfS) ...
  • The shape of curriculum change: A short discussion of key findings from the Curriculum Implementation Studies (CIES) project

    Cowie, Bronwen; Hipkins, Rosemary; Keown, Paul Ashley; Boyd, Sally (New Zealand Council for Educational Research, 2011)
    This short report discusses the overall shape of curriculum change as experienced by the schools we tracked over a period of several years as part of the Curriculum Implementation Exploratory Studies (CIES) project. Some ...