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  • Phylogeny and taxonomy of the Ophiostoma piceae complex and the Dutch elm disease fungi

    Harrington, Thomas C.; McNew, Doug; Steimel, Joseph; Hofstra, Deborah; Farrell, Roberta L. (The Mycological Society of America, 2001)
    The Ophiostoma piceae complex forms a monophyletic group of insect-dispersed pyrenomycetes with synnemata (Pesotum) and micronematous (Sporothrix) synanamorphs. Other species of Ophios-toma outside of the O. piceae complex ...
  • The restoration of native aquatic plants

    Hofstra, Deborah (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    I am very pleased to be here today because I have the privilege of speaking about a good news story, that being the restoration of native aquatic plants instead of weeds. I will start by looking at what native aquatic ...
  • Review of best management practices for aquatic vegetation control in stormwater ponds, wetlands, and lakes

    de Winton, Mary; Jones, Hannah Frances Emily; Edwards, Tracey; Özkundakci, Deniz; Wells, Rohan; McBride, Chris G.; Rowe, David K.; Hamilton, David P.; Clayton, John; Champion, Paul; Hofstra, Deborah (2013)
    Auckland Council (AC) is responsible for the development and operation of a stormwater network across the region to avert risks to citizens and the environment. Within this stormwater network, aquatic vegetation (including ...
  • Spraying as a solution

    Hofstra, Deborah (LakesWater Quality Society, 2015)
    When invasive aquatic weeds establish in a lake, they usually result in detrimental effects on native biodiversity, amenity and utility values. Once a weed species or weed issue has been recognised control options are often ...

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  • Charophyte Response to Herbicide and Mycoherbicide Applications

    Kelly, Chrystal Leigh (University of Waikato, 2011)
    This thesis describes an investigation into the impacts on charophytes of four selected aquatic herbicide and a mycoherbicide products currently used or under development in New Zealand for alien invasive aquatic plant ...