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  • Abundance and diversity of epibenthic amphipods (Crustacea) from contrasting bathyal habitats

    Knox, Matthew Andrew; Hogg, Ian D.; Pilditch, Conrad A.; Lörz, Anne-Nina; Nodder, Scott D. (Elsevier, 2012-04)
    To investigate relationships between epibenthic macrofauna and bathyal habitat characteristics, we examined the abundance, diversity and community composition of amphipod crustaceans relative to environmental variables on ...
  • Allozyme and mitochondrial DNA variability within the New Zealand damselfly genera Xanthocnemis, Austrolestes, and Ischnura (Odonata)

    Nolan, Liam; Hogg, Ian D.; Sutherland, Darin Lee; Stevens, Mark I.; Schnabel, Kareen E. (R S N Z Publishing, 2007)
    We collected larval damselflies from 17 sites in the North, South and Chatham Islands, and tested the hypotheses that: (1) genetic markers (e.g., allozymes, mtDNA) would successfully ¬discriminate taxa; and (2) the dispersal ...
  • Ancient landscapes of the Namib Desert harbor high levels of genetic variability and deeply divergent lineages for Collembola.

    Collins, Gemma Elyse; Hogg, Ian D.; Baxter, Janine R.; Maggs-Kölling, Gillian; Cowan, Don A. (2019)
    Aim: To assess spatial patterns of genetic and species-level diversity for Namib Desert Collembola using mitochondrial DNA cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) gene sequences. Location: Namib Desert gravel plains. Taxon: ...
  • Biodiversity inventories in high gear: DNA barcoding facilitates a rapid biotic survey of a temperate nature reserve

    Telfer, A; Young, M; Quinn, J; Perez, K; Sobel, C; Sones, J; Levesque-Beaudin, V; Derbyshire, R; Fernandez-Triana, J; Rougerie, R; Thevanayagam, A; Boskovic, A; Borisenko, A; Cadel, A; Brown, A; Pages, A; Castillo, A; Nicolai, A; Glenn Mockford, BM; Bukowski, B; Wilson, B; Trojahn, B; Lacroix, CA; Brimblecombe, C; Hay, C; Ho, C; Steinke, C; Warne, C; Garrido Cortes, C; Engelking, D; Wright, D; Lijtmaer, D; Gascoigne, D; Hernandez Martich, D; Morningstar, D; Neumann, D; Steinke, D; Marco DeBruin, DD; Dobias, D; Sears, E; Richard, E; Damstra, E; Zakharov, E; Laberge, F; Collins, G; Blagoev, G; Grainge, G; Ansell, G; Meredith, G; Hogg, Ian D.; McKeown, J; Topan, J; Bracey, J; Guenther, J; Sills-Gilligan, J; Addesi, J; Persi, J; Layton, K; D'Souza, K; Dorji, K; Grundy, K; Nghidinwa, K; Ronnenberg, K; Lee, KM; Xie, L; Lu, L; Penev, L; Gonzalez, M; Rosati, M; Kekkonen, M; Kuzmina, M; Iskandar, M; Mutanen, M; Fatahi, M; Pentinsaari, M; Bauman, M; Nikolova, N; Ivanova, N; Jones, N; Weerasuriya, N; Monkhouse, N; Lavinia, P; Jannetta, P; Hanisch, P; McMullin, RT; Ojeda Flores, R; Mouttet, R; Vender, R; Labbee, R; Forsyth, R; Lauder, R; Dickson, R; Kroft, R; Miller, S; MacDonald, S; Panthi, S; Pedersen, S; Sobek-Swant, S; Naik, S; Lipinskaya, T; Eagalle, T; Decaëns, T; Kosuth, T; Braukmann, T; Woodcock, T; Roslin, T; Zammit, T; Campbell, V; Dinca, V; Peneva, V; Hebert, P; deWaard, J (2015-08-30)
    Comprehensive biotic surveys, or ‘all taxon biodiversity inventories’ (ATBI), have traditionally been limited in scale or scope due to the complications surrounding specimen sorting and species identification. To circumvent ...
  • Biological identification of springtails (Hexapoda: Collembola) from the Canadian Arctic, using mitochondrial DNA barcodes

    Hogg, Ian D.; Hebert, Paul D.N. (NRC Research Press, 2004-05)
    We evaluated sequence diversity in the mitochondrial cytochrome-c oxidase I (COI; EC gene as a tool for resolving differences among species of Arctic springtails. The Collembola examined in this analysis were ...

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