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  • Phenomenology for the decay of energy-containing eddies in homogeneous MHD turbulence

    Hossain, Murshed; Gray, Perry C.; Pontius, Duane H.; Matthaeus, William H.; Oughton, Sean (American Institute of Physics, 1995)
    We evaluate a number of simple, one‐point phenomenological models for the decay of energy‐containing eddies in magnetohydrodynamic(MHD) and hydrodynamicturbulence. The MHDmodels include effects of cross helicity and Alfvénic ...
  • Scaling of anisotropy in hydromagnetic turbulence

    Matthaeus, William H.; Oughton, Sean; Ghosh, Sanjoy; Hossain, Murshed (AMERICAN PHYSICAL SOC, 1998)
    We present evidence that anisotropy of low frequency plasma turbulence scales linearly with the ratio of fluctuating to total magnetic field strength for a useful range of parameters, for incompressible, weakly compressible, ...

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