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  • A K-fold averaging cross-validation procedure

    Jung, Yoonsuh; Hu, Jianhua (Taylor and Francis, 2015-02-26)
    Cross-validation (CV) type of methods have been widely used to facilitate model estimation and variable selection. In this work, we suggest a new K-fold CV procedure to select a candidate ‘optimal’ model from each hold-out ...
  • Biomarker Detection in Association Studies: Modeling SNPs Simultaneously via Logistic ANOVA

    Jung, Yoonsuh; Huang, Jianhua; Hu, Jianhua (Taylor & Francis, 2014-06-12)
    In genome-wide association studies, the primary task is to detect biomarkers in the form of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) that have nontrivial associations with a disease phenotype and some other important ...
  • Robust regression for highly corrupted response by shifting outliers

    Jung, Yoonsuh; Lee, Seung Pil; Hu, Jianhua (2016-01-22)
    Outlying observations are often disregarded at the sacrifice of degrees of freedom or downsized via robust loss functions (e.g., Huber's loss) to reduce the undesirable impact on data analysis. In this article, we treat ...

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