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  • Extended residence times for foraminifera in a marine-influenced terrestrial archaeological deposit and implications for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction

    Nagel, Texas; Rosendahl, Daniel; Hua, Quan; Moss, Patrick; Sloss, Craig; Petchey, Fiona; Ulm, Sean (Elsevier, 2016)
    Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) radiocarbon dating and taphonomic grading was undertaken on foraminifera preserved in the archaeological shell matrix site of Thundiy, Bentinck Island, southern Gulf of Carpentaria, ...
  • SHCal13 Southern Hemisphere calibration, 0–50,000 years cal BP

    Hogg, Alan G.; Hua, Quan; Blackwell, Paul G.; Niu, Mu; Buck, Caitlin E.; Guilderson, Thomas P.; Heaton, Timothy J.; Palmer, Jonathan G.; Reimer, Paula J.; Reimer, Ron W.; Turney, Chris S.M.; Zimmerman, Susan R. H. (The University of Arizona, 2013)
    The Southern Hemisphere SHCal04 radiocarbon calibration curve has been updated with the addition of new data sets extending measurements to 2145 cal BP and including the ANSTO Younger Dryas Huon pine data set. Outside the ...
  • SHCal20 Southern Hemisphere Calibration, 0–55,000 Years cal BP

    Hogg, Alan G.; Heaton, Timothy J.; Hua, Quan; Palmer, Jonathan G.; Turney, Chris S.M.; Southon, John; Bayliss, Alex; Blackwell, Paul G.; Boswijk, Gretel; Bronk Ramsey, Christopher; Pearson, Chrlotte; Petchey, Fiona; Reimer, Paula; Reimer, Ron; Wacker, Lukas (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2020)
    Early researchers of radiocarbon levels in Southern Hemisphere tree rings identified a variable North-South hemispheric offset, necessitating construction of a separate radiocarbon calibration curve for the South. We present ...