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  • Deep learning in diabetic foot ulcers detection: A comprehensive evaluation

    Yap, Moi Hoon; Hachiuma, Ryo; Alavi, Azadeh; Brüngel, Raphael; Cassidy, Bill; Goyal, Manu; Zhu, Hongtao; Rückert, Johannes; Olshansky, Moshe; Huang, Xiao; Saito, Hideo; Hassanpour, Saeed; Friedrich, Christoph M.; Ascher, David B.; Song, Anping; Kajita, Hiroki; Gillespie, David; Reeves, Neil D.; Pappachan, Joseph M.; O'Shea, Claire; Frank, Eibe (Elsevier BV, 2021)
    There has been a substantial amount of research involving computer methods and technology for the detection and recognition of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs), but there is a lack of systematic comparisons of state-of-the-art ...
  • The economic impact of climate change on wheat and maize yields in the North China Plain.

    Song, Chunxiao; Huang, Xiao; Oxley, Les; Ma, Hengyun; Liu, Ruifeng (2022-05-07)
    Climate change has significantly affected agricultural production. As one of China's most important agricultural production regions, the North China Plain (NCP) is subject to climate change. This paper examines the influence ...