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  • Learning regexes to extract router names from hostnames

    Luckie, Matthew John; Huffaker, Bradley; claffy, kc (ACM Press, 2019)
    We present the design, implementation, evaluation, and validation of a system that automatically learns to extract router names (router identifiers) from hostnames stored by network operators in different DNS zones, which ...
  • Pushing the boundaries with bdrmapIT: mapping router ownership at internet scale

    Marder, Alexander; Luckie, Matthew John; Dhamdhere, Amogh; Huffaker, Bradley; claffy, kc; Smith, Jonathan M. (ACM, 2018)
    Two complementary approaches to mapping network boundaries from traceroute paths recently emerged [27,31]. Both approaches apply heuristics to inform inferences extracted from traceroute measurement campaigns. bdrmap [27] ...
  • Traceroute probe method and forward IP path inference

    Luckie, Matthew John; Hyun, Young; Huffaker, Bradley (ACM, 2008)
    Several traceroute probe methods exist, each designed to perform better in a scenario where another fails. This paper examines the effects that the choice of probe method has on the inferred forward IP path by comparing ...
  • vrfinder: Finding outbound addresses in traceroute

    Marder, Alexander; Luckie, Matthew John; Huffaker, Bradley; claffy, kc (ACM, 2020)
    Current methods to analyze the Internet's router-level topology with paths collected using traceroute assume that the source address for each router in the path is either an inbound or off-path address on each router. In ...

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