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  • Dynamic property enforcement in programmable data planes

    Neves, Miguel; Huffaker, Bradley; Levchenko, Kirill; Barcellos, Marinho (2021)
    Network programmers can currently deploy an arbitrary set of protocols in forwarding devices through data plane programming languages such as P4. However, as any other type of software, P4 programs are subject to bugs and ...
  • Learning regexes to extract router names from hostnames

    Luckie, Matthew John; Huffaker, Bradley; claffy, kc (ACM Press, 2019)
    We present the design, implementation, evaluation, and validation of a system that automatically learns to extract router names (router identifiers) from hostnames stored by network operators in different DNS zones, which ...
  • Learning to extract geographic information from internet router hostnames

    Luckie, Matthew John; Huffaker, Bradley; Marder, Alexander; Bischof, Zachary; Fletcher, Marianne; Claffy, kc (ACM, 2021)
    Geolocating Internet routers is a long-standing and notoriously difficult challenge, and current solutions lack the accuracy and adaptability to yield reliable results. We revisit this problem, designing a solution capable ...
  • Pushing the boundaries with bdrmapIT: mapping router ownership at internet scale

    Marder, Alexander; Luckie, Matthew John; Dhamdhere, Amogh; Huffaker, Bradley; claffy, kc; Smith, Jonathan M. (ACM, 2018)
    Two complementary approaches to mapping network boundaries from traceroute paths recently emerged [27,31]. Both approaches apply heuristics to inform inferences extracted from traceroute measurement campaigns. bdrmap [27] ...
  • Traceroute probe method and forward IP path inference

    Luckie, Matthew John; Hyun, Young; Huffaker, Bradley (ACM, 2008)
    Several traceroute probe methods exist, each designed to perform better in a scenario where another fails. This paper examines the effects that the choice of probe method has on the inferred forward IP path by comparing ...