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  • Heating the outer heliosphere by pickup protons

    Smith, Charles W.; Isenberg, Philip A.; Matthaeus, William H.; Richardson, John D.; Oughton, Sean; Zank, Gary P. (American Institute of Physics, 2004)
    There is a growing body of literature that demonstrates the ability of a turbulent cascade within the solar wind to heat the thermal protons. Several sources of energy are required to accomplish the observed heating. Wind ...
  • Solar wind turbulent heating by interstellar pickup protons: 2-component model

    Isenberg, Philip A.; Oughton, Sean; Smith, Charles W.; Matthaeus, William H. (American Institute of Physics, 2010)
    We apply a recently developed 2-component phenomenology to the turbulent heating of the core solar wind protons as seen at the Voyager 2 spacecraft. We find that this new description improves the model predictions of core ...

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