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  • Agreeable semigroups

    Jackson, Marcel; Stokes, Tim E. (Academic Press, 2003)
    This paper concerns the theory of partial maps under composition and more generally, the RC-semigroups introduced by Jackson and Stokes [Semigroup Forum 62 (2001) 279–310] (semigroups with a unary operation called (right) ...
  • Identities in the Algebra of Partial Maps

    Jackson, Marcel; Stokes, Tim E. (World Scientific Publishing, 2006)
    We consider the identities of a variety of semigroup-related algebras modelling the algebra of partial maps. We show that the identities are intimately related to a weak semigroup deductive system and we show that the ...
  • Modal restriction semigroups: towards an algebra of functions

    Jackson, Marcel; Stokes, Tim E. (World Science, 2011)
    Restriction semigroups model algebras of partial maps under composition and domain. Here we consider restriction semigroups for which the usual Boolean operations on domains are modeled. Such algebras are capable of modeling ...
  • Monoids with tests and the algebra of possibly non-halting programs

    Jackson, Marcel; Stokes, Tim E. (Elsevier, 2015-03)
    We study the algebraic theory of computable functions, which can be viewed as arising from possibly non-halting computer programs or algorithms, acting on some state space, equipped with operations of composition, if-then-else ...
  • On representing semigroups with subsemilattices

    Jackson, Marcel; Stokes, Tim E. (Elsevier, 2013)
    We examine the problem of representing semigroups as binary relations, partial maps and injective functions, with the constraint that certain pre-designated idempotent elements must be represented as restrictions of the ...

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