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  • Collective writing: An inquiry into praxis

    Jandrić, Petar; Devine, Nesta; Jackson, Liz; Peters, Michael A.; Lăzăroiu, Georage; Mihăilă, Ramona; Locke, Kirsten; Heraud, Richard; Gibbons, Andrew; Grierson, Elizabeth; Forster, Daniella J.; White, Jayne E.; Stewart, Georgina; Tesar, Marek; Arndt, Sonja Kathrina; Brighouse, Susanne; Benade, Leon (2017)
    This is the second text in the series collectively written by members of the Editors' Collective, which comprises a series of individual and collaborative reflections upon the experience of contributing to the previous and ...
  • Editorial interview [Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy]

    Peters, Michael A.; Besley, Tina; Jandrić, Petar; Bajić, Milan (2016)
    Editorial interview of Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy (2016) 1:2
  • Is peer review in academic publishing still working?

    Jackson, Liz; Peters, Michael A.; Benade, Leon; Devine, Neta; Arndt, Sonja Kathrina; Forster, Daniella; Gibbons, Andrew; Grierson, Elizabeth; Jandrić, Petar; Lazaroiu, George; Locke, Kirsten; Mihaila, Ramona; Stewart, Georgina; Tesar, Marek; Roberts, Peter; Ozoliņš, John (Routledge, 2018)
    Peer review is central to academic publishing. Yet for many it is a mysterious and contentious practice, which can cause distress for both reviewers, and those whose work is reviewed. This paper, produced by the Editors’ ...