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  • The ColorDex DJ system: a new interface for live music mixing

    Villar, Nicolas; Gellersen, Hans; Jervis, Matthew Geoffrey; Lang, Alexander (ACM, 2007)
    This paper describes the design and implementation of a new interface prototype for live music mixing. The ColorDex system employs a completely new operational metaphor which allows the mix DJ to prepare up to six tracks ...
  • Digital management and retrieval of physical documents

    Jervis, Matthew Geoffrey; Masoodian, Masood (ACM, 2009)
    Although in today's everyday work environments digital and paper documents co-exist, the systems used to manage them are often completely separate; digital documents are managed using computer systems, while paper documents ...
  • Evaluation of an integrated paper and digital document management system

    Jervis, Matthew Geoffrey; Masoodian, Masood (Elsevier, 2011)
    Paper documents are still an integral component of our everyday working lives, and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, advances in electronic technology in recent years have made it possible ...
  • Integration of virtual and real document organization

    Seifried, Thomas; Jervis, Matthew Geoffrey; Haller, Michael; Masoodian, Masood; Villar, Nicolas (ACM, 2008)
    In most work environments people archive both the real and digital versions of their documents. But unlike the digital world, in the physical world locating a document can become a very time consuming task. The reason for ...
  • SOPHYA: a system for digital management of ordered physical document collections

    Jervis, Matthew Geoffrey; Masoodian, Masood (ACM Press, 2010)
    In recent years several systems have been developed to integrate the management of physical and digital documents and artefacts. These systems, which often rely on technologies such as RFID, generally detect the location ...