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  • An analysis of student existing technological capability: Developing an initial framework

    Jones, Alister (Springer Verlag, 1997)
    This paper reports on the analysis of student (ages 6–15 years) technological capability as they undertake technological tasks. The activities covered a number of different contexts (including different subject areas), ...
  • Application of an analytical framework to describe young students' learning in technology

    Milne, Louise; Chambers, Megan; Moreland, Judy; Jones, Alister (Centre for Technology Education Research, Griffith University, 2002)
    This paper discusses a framework for describing and analysing how young students (5–6 years) learn in technology with a view towards enhancing teaching and learning practice in technology. Examples of student work which ...
  • ASERA: brief histor(y/ies)

    White, Richard; Gardner, Paul; Carr, Malcolm; Jones, Alister; Appleton, Ken; Fleer, Marilyn; Redman, Christine; Dawson, Vaille; Chang, Wen-Hua; Ritchie, Stephen M. (Springer, 2009)
    This collection of historical accounts provides diverse perspectives on the structure and culture of the community of researchers who participate in activities of the Australasian Science Education Research Association ...
  • Assessment for learning in primary technology classrooms

    Moreland, Judy; Cowie, Bronwen; Jones, Alister (Trentham Books Ltd, 2007)
    Emerging international research suggests that enhancing teacher student assessment for learning (AfL) interactions is a key to enhancing student learning. Planning frameworks that make explicit the multiple dimensions of ...
  • Assessment in schools – Technology education and ICT

    Jones, Alister; Cowie, Bronwen; Moreland, Judy (Elsevier, 2010)
    People use technology to intervene in the world to expand their possibilities, applying both intellectual and practical resources. It encompasses more than information and communication technologies (ICTs). Technology is ...

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  • Investigative practical work in year 12 biology programmes

    Haigh, Mavis (The University of Waikato, 1998)
    The most recent New Zealand national curriculum development in Science occurred between 1991 and 1993. This Science curriculum placed value on students developing scientific investigative skills. The senior Biology curriculum ...
  • Re-defining teacher education of primary teachers of science in Hong Kong

    Cheng, May Hung May (The University of Waikato, 2000)
    This study arises from my personal interest as a lecturer in the Hong Kong Institute of Education with a responsibility to prepare student-teachers to teach science at the primary level. This study was conducted based on ...
  • Improving teaching and learning of University physics in Taiwan

    Chang, Wheijen (The University of Waikato, 2000)
    This thesis studies the teaching and learning of first year university physics. The students involved in this study were first year physical science or engineering students at a private university in Taiwan. These students ...
  • Formative assessment in science classrooms

    Cowie, Bronwen (The University of Waikato, 2000)
    This study investigated how formative assessment was perceived, experienced and accomplished by teachers and students in ten Year 7 to 10 science classrooms. The study was undertaken within and built on the findings of the ...
  • Earth science in New Zealand science centres - learning aspects through a simulation based experience

    Otrel-Cass, Kathrin (The University of Waikato, 2001)
    This study investigated how simulations at the New Zealand earth science exhibition Earthworks could teach geological concepts. The introduction of a geoscience component in the New Zealand science curriculum, the development ...

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