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  • Choosing the right microcontroller: A comparison of 8-bit Atmel, Microchip and Freescale MCUs

    Slade, Mel; Jones, Mark Hedley; Scott, Jonathan B. (Faculty of Engineering, The University of Waikato, 2011-11)
    When choosing a microcontroller there are many options, so which platform should you choose? There is little independent information available to help engineers decide which platform might best suit their needs and most ...
  • Design study of a thermocouple power sensor as a monolithic fin-line

    Jones, Mark Hedley; Scott, Jonathan B. (2011)
    Making traceable power measurements above 110 GHz using current measurement technologies is challenging. We investigate a design of power sensor consisting of a thermocouple-based integrated circuit (IC) mounted as a finline ...
  • The energy efficiency of 8-bit low-power microcontrollers

    Jones, Mark Hedley; Scott, Jonathan B. (School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Massey University, 2011)
    We have measured the energy cost of processing, sleeping, non-volatile memory writes and ADC measurements of six 8-bit microprocessors from three manufacturers. These measurements compare the chips directly to one another ...
  • Feasibility of Harvesting Power To Run A Domestic Water Meter Using Streaming Cell Technology

    Jones, Mark Hedley; Scott, Jonathan B. (2014)
    We investigate the possibility of using streaming cells as a means of harvesting energy from the town water supply. We measure the electrical power developed from streaming cells using tap water as a working fluid. We ...
  • Millimetre Wave Power Measurement

    Jones, Mark Hedley (The University of Waikato, 2010)
    There is currently no traceable power sensor for millimetre wave frequencies above 110 GHz. This thesis investigates a novel approach to remove this limitation by combining the placement of a uniquely designed microchip ...

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