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  • Beyond the Client-Server Model: Self-contained to Portable Digital Libraries

    Bainbridge, David; Jones, Steve; McIntosh, Samuel John; Witten, Ian H.; Jones, Matt (Springer, 2008)
    We have created an experimental prototype that enhances an ordinary personal media player by adding digital library capabilities. It does not enable access to a remote digital library from a user’s PDA; rather, it runs a ...
  • Context, Data and Queries

    Hinze, Annika; Buchanan, George; Schweer, Andrea; Jones, Matt (Springer, 2007)
    Context is typically viewed at as meta-data that supplements the ‘real’ data of an application. In this paper, we contrast and compare the concepts of context in four different applications. We show that our notion of ...
  • Digital libraries for creative communities

    Witten, Ian H.; Jones, Matt; Bainbridge, David; Cantlon, Polly; Cunningham, Sally Jo (Taylor & Francis Group, 2004)
    Digital library technologies have a great deal to offer to creative, design communities. They can enable large collections of text, images, music, video and other information objects to be organised and accessed in interesting ...
  • Digital libraries on an iPod: Beyond the client-server model

    Bainbridge, David; Jones, Steve; McIntosh, Samuel John; Jones, Matt (University of Waikato, Department of Computer Science, 2007-10-24)
    This paper describes an experimental system that enhanced an iPod with digital library capabilities. Using the open source digital library software Greenstone as a base, this paper more specifically maps out the technical ...
  • Dynamic digital library construction and configuration

    Bainbridge, David; Don, Katherine J.; Buchanan, George; Witten, Ian H.; Jones, Steve; Jones, Matt; Barr, Malcolm I. (Springer, 2004)
    This paper describes a digital library architecture and implementation that is configurable, extensible and dynamic in the way it presents content and in the services it provides. The design manifests itself as a network ...

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