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  • The role of halloysite morphology on undrained shear strength and sensitivity of volcanic ashes in New Zealand

    Kluger, Michal; Seibel, D.; Moon, Vicki G.; Kreiter, S.; Hepp, D.A.; de Lange, Willem P.; Jorat, Ehsan; Mörz, T. (2015-09-07)
    Large areas of the North Island of New Zealand are covered by thick Pleistocene pyroclastic deposits that are often prone to coastal landslides. In the Tauranga region (Fig. 1a) some landslides are associated with the ...
  • Sub-surface stratigraphy of Stella Passage, Tauranga Harbour.

    Moon, Vicki G.; de Lange, Willem P.; Jorat, Ehsan; Christophers, Amy; Moerz, Tobias (Environmental Research Institute, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand., 2013)
    Port of Tauranga Ltd supported two initiatives designed to develop a greater understanding of the distribution of sediments below Stella Passage (Figure 1), particularly relating to areas that may require future dredging: (1) ...