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  • A new attraction-detachment model for explaining flow sliding in clay-rich tephras

    Kluger, Max O.; Moon, Vicki G.; Kreiter, Stefan; Lowe, David J.; Churchman, G.Jock; Hepp, Daniel A.; Seibel, David; Jorat, M. Ehsan; Mörz, Tobias (The Geological Society of America, 2017-02-01)
    Altered pyroclastic (tephra) deposits are highly susceptible to landsliding, leading to fatali-ties and property damage every year. Halloysite, a low-activity clay mineral, is commonly associated with landslide-prone layers ...
  • Subseafloor Investigation of Sediments at Southern Tauranga Harbour, New Zealand, before Capital Dredging

    Jorat, M. Ehsan; Moon, Vicki G.; Hepp, Daniel A.; Kreiter, Stefan; de Lange, Willem P.; Feldmann, S; Moerz, Tobias (Coastal Education & Research Foundation, 2017-03-01)
    The Port of Tauranga plays a key role in New Zealand's export–import industry, and capital dredging commenced in October 2015 to extend the shipping channels to accommodate larger container vessels. This study investigated ...
  • Utilizing piezovibrocone in marine soils at Tauranga Harbor, New Zealand

    Jorat, M. Ehsan; Moerz, T; Moon, Vicki G.; Kreiter, Stefan; de Lange, Willem P. (TECHNO-PRESS, 2015-07-01)
    Piezovibrocones have been developed to evaluate the liquefaction potential of onshore soils, but have not yet been utilized to evaluate the in-situ liquefaction behavior of offshore marine and volcanoclastic sediments. Two ...