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  • Automating vocabulary tests and enriching online courses for language learners

    König, Jemma Lynette (The University of Waikato, 2019)
    The past decade has seen a massive growth in online academic courses, most of which are offered in the English language. However, although more people speak English as their second language than as their first, online ...
  • F-Lingo: Integrating lexical feature identification into MOOC platforms for learning professional and academic English

    Fitzgerald, Alannah; König, Jemma Lynette; Witten, Ian H. (IEEE, 2019)
    F-Lingo is a chrome extension that works on top of the FutureLearn MOOC platform to support content-based language learning of domain-specific terminology for professional and academic purposes.
  • Identifying worker fatigue in the New Zealand forestry industry

    König, Jemma Lynette; Hinze, Annika; Bowen, Judy (University of Waikato, 2021)
    Reports of incidents in dangerous work environments can be analysed to identify common hazards, in turn aiding in the prevention of future accidents. Whilst studies exist that do this, most focus on causes that involve ...
  • Learning collocations with FLAX apps

    Yu, Alex; Wu, Shaoqun; Witten, Ian H.; König, Jemma Lynette (The University of Technology, Sydney, 2016)
    The rise of Mobile Assisted Language Learning has brought a new dimension and dynamic into language classes. Game-like apps have become a particularly effective way to promote self-learning to young learners outside ...
  • A mobile reader for language learners

    König, Jemma Lynette; Witten, Ian H.; Wu, Shaoqun (The University of Technology, Sydney, 2016)
    This paper describes a new approach to mobile language learning; a mobile reader that aids learners in extending the breadth of their existing vocabulary knowledge. The FLAX Reader supports L2 (second language) learners ...

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