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  • Breaking the browsing barrier for historic search of newspaper texts

    Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory (2001)
    Traditionally, to find information in a newspaper collection it has been necessary to painstakingly browse through the individual issues hoping that relevant words will catch your eye. Researchers of New Zealand’s encounter ...
  • Delivering the Maori-language newspapers on the Internet

    Apperley, Mark; Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory; Cunningham, Sally Jo; Witten, Ian H. (Auckland University Press, Auckland, New Zealand, 2002)
    Although any collection of historical newspapers provides a particularly rich and valuable record of events and social and political commentary, the content tends to be difficult to access and extremely time-consuming to ...
  • Digital libraries and minority languages

    Nichols, David M.; Witten, Ian H.; Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory; Bainbridge, David; Dewsnip, Michael (Taylor & Francis, 2005)
    Digital libraries have a pivotal role to play in the preservation and maintenance of international cultures in general and minority languages in particular. This paper outlines a software tool for building digital libraries ...
  • Hangarau me te Māori: Māori and technology

    Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory; Sciascia, Acushla Dee (Auckland University Press, 2018)
    A sign of a vibrant, healthy developing nation is the adaptation and uptake of new technologies. Māori have a long, but mostly unrecognised, history of ingenious innovation and adaption of new technologies. This chapter ...
  • He Matapihi Mā Mua, Mō Muri: The Ethics, Processes, and Procedures Associated with the Digitization of Indigenous Knowledge—The Pei Jones Collection

    Whaanga, Hēmi; Bainbridge, David; Anderson, Michela; Scrivener, Korii; Cader, Papitha; Roa, Tom; Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory (2015)
    The digital era has transformed how people live their lives and interact with the world and knowledge systems around them. In Aotearoa/New Zealand a range of initiatives incorporating Indigenous knowledge have been implemented ...

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