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  • Advantages of 3D time-of-flight range imaging cameras in machine vision applications

    Dorrington, Adrian A.; Kelly, Cameron Brian Desmond; McClure, Shane H.; Payne, Andrew D.; Cree, Michael J. (Electronics Research, 2009)
    Machine vision using image processing of traditional intensity images is in wide spread use. In many situations environmental conditions or object colours or shades cannot be controlled, leading to difficulties in correctly ...
  • Calibration and control of a robot arm using a range imaging camera

    Kelly, Cameron Brian Desmond; Dorrington, Adrian A.; Cree, Michael J.; Payne, Andrew D. (IS&T- the Society for Imaging Science and Technology SPIE, 2010)
    Time of flight range imaging is an emerging technology that has numerous applications in machine vision. In this paper we cover the use of a commercial time of flight range imaging camera for calibrating a robotic arm. We ...
  • The Coffee Roaster's Paradox

    Kelly, Cameron Brian Desmond; Scott, Jonathan B. (2017)
    This paper examines the engineering and application of different sensor methods to demystify the art that surrounds coffee roasting. Coffee roasting is an important step in the process of bringing coffee from green bean ...
  • Microwave aquametry of roasting coffee beans

    Kelly, Cameron Brian Desmond; Scott, Jonathan B. (IEEE, 2016)
    We constructed a fluidsed-bed coffee roaster with a roast chamber that is also a microwave cavity in order to measure water content of roasting coffee. We identify factors involved in roasting that influence the data. We ...
  • Online Thermal Analysis of Batch Roasted Coffee Beans

    Kelly, Cameron Brian Desmond; Scott, Jonathan B. (2014)
    We constructed and instrumented a fluidised-bed coffee roaster. This work has been carried out as part of a search for the “ideal point”, which is the point in time when an expert roaster would terminate the roast in order ...

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