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  • Ancient genomes from the last three millennia support multiple human dispersals into Wallacea

    Oliveira, Sandra; Nägele, Kathrin; Carlhoff, Selina; Pugach, Irina; Koesbardiati, Toetik; Hübner, Alexander; Meyer, Matthias; Oktaviana, Adhi Agus; Takenaka, Masami; Katagiri, Chiaki; Murti, Delta Bayu; Putri, Rizky Sugianto; Mahirta; Petchey, Fiona; Higham, Thomas; Higham, Charles F. W.; O’Connor, Sue; Hawkins, Stuart; Kinaston, Rebecca; Bellwood, Peter; Ono, Rintaro; Powell, Adam; Krause, Johannes; Posth, Cosimo; Stoneking, Mark (Nature Research, 2022)
    Previous research indicates that human genetic diversity in Wallacea—islands in present-day Eastern Indonesia and Timor-Leste that were never part of the Sunda or Sahul continental shelves—has been shaped by complex ...
  • Language continuity despite population replacement in Remote Oceania

    Posth, Cosimo; Naegele, Kathrin; Colleran, Heidi; Valentin, Frédérique; Bedford, Stuart; Kami, Kaitip W.; Shing, Richard; Buckley, Hallie; Kinaston, Rebecca; Walworth, Mary; Clark, Geoffrey R.; Reepmeyer, Christian; Flexner, James; Maric, Tamara; Moser, Johannes; Gresky, Julia; Kiko, Lawrence; Robson, Kathryn J.; Auckland, Kathryn; Oppenheimer, Stephen J.; Hill, Adrian VS; Mentzer, Alexander J.; Zech, Jana; Petchey, Fiona; Roberts, Patrick; Jeong, Choongwon; Gray, Russell D.; Krause, Johannes; Powell, Adam (Nature Publishing Group, 2018)
    Recent genomic analyses show that the earliest peoples reaching Remote Oceania—associated with Austronesian-speaking Lapita culture—were almost completely East Asian, without detectable Papuan ancestry. However, Papuan-related ...