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  • Central oxytocin and food intake: focus on macronutrient-driven reward

    Klockars, Anica; Levine, Allen S.; Olszewski, Pawel K. (FRONTIERS MEDIA SA, 2015)
    Centrally acting oxytocin (OT) is known to terminate food consumption in response to excessive stomach distension, increase in salt loading, and presence of toxins. Hypothalamic-hindbrain OT pathways facilitate these aspects ...
  • Effect of oxytocin on hunger discrimination

    Head, Mitchell Antony; Jewett, David C.; Gartner, Sarah N.; Klockars, Anica; Levine, Allen S.; Olszewski, Pawel K. (Frontiers Media SA, 2019)
    Centrally and peripherally administered oxytocin (OT) decreases food intake and activation of the endogenous OT systems, which is associated with termination of feeding. Evidence gathered thus far points to OT as a facilitator ...
  • Intragastric preloads of L-tryptophan reduce ingestive behavior via oxytocinergic neural mechanisms in male mice

    Gartner, Sarah Nicole; Aidney, Fraser; Klockars, Anica; Prosser, Colin G.; Carpenter, Elizabeth A.; Isgrove, Kiriana; Levine, Allen S.; Olszewski, Pawel K. (Elsevier, 2018)
    Human and laboratory animal studies suggest that dietary supplementation of a free essential amino acid, l-tryptophan (TRP), reduces food intake. It is unclear whether an acute gastric preload of TRP decreases consumption ...
  • Neurobeachin, a regulator of synaptic protein targeting, is associated with body fat mass and feeding behavior in mice and body-mass index in humans

    Olszewski, Pawel K.; Rozman, Jane; Jacobsson, Josefin A.; Rathkolb, Birgit; Stromberg, Siv; Hans, Wolfgang; Klockars, Anica; Alsiö, Johan; Riserus, Ulf; Becker, Lore; Holter, Sabine; Elvert, Ralf; Ehrhardt, Nicole; Gailus-Durner, Valérie; Fuchs, Helmut; Fredriksson, Robert; Wolf, Eckhard; Klopstock, Thomas; Wurst, Wolfgang; Levine, Allen S.; Marcus, Claude; de Angelis, Martin Hrabě; Klingenspor, Martin; Schiöth, Helgi B.; Kilimann, Manfred W. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
    Neurobeachin (Nbea) regulates neuronal membrane protein trafficking and is required for the development and functioning of central and neuromuscular synapses. In homozygous knockout (KO) mice, Nbea deficiency causes perinatal ...
  • Palatability of Goat's versus Cow's Milk: Insights from the Analysis of Eating Behavior and Gene Expression in the Appetite-Relevant Brain Circuit in Laboratory Animal Models.

    Klockars, Anica; Wood, Erin Lavinia; Gartner, Sarah Nicole; McColl, Laura Kathryn; Levine, Allen S.; Carpenter, Elizabeth A.; Prosser, Colin G.; Olszewski, Pawel K. (2019)
    Goat's (GM) and cow's milk (CM) are dietary alternatives with select health benefits shown in human and animal studies. Surprisingly, no systematic analysis of palatability or preference for GM vs. CM has been performed ...

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