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  • Development of a mental health recovery module for the WHOQOL

    Rowthorn, Melissa J.; Billington, D. Rex; Krägeloh, Christian U.; Landon, Jason; Medvedev, Oleg N. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019)
    Purpose The WHOQOL tools are widely used, multi-faceted, patient-rated, quality of life (QoL) measures, developed by the World Health Organization. The WHOQOL questionnaires are used to assess generic quality of life ...
  • Examining and enhancing the reliability of the Arabic version of the Clinical Perfectionism Questionnaire

    Alyami, Mohsen; Krägeloh, Christian U.; Al-Amri, Lma; Henning, Marcus A.; Alyami, Hussain; Alghamdi, Dalal; Almutari, Reuoof; Medvedev, Oleg N. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2022)
    Background Clinical perfectionism has been implicated among risks for developing depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. This study aimed to translate the widely used Clinical Perfectionism Questionnaire (CPQ) into ...
  • Investigating Predictors of Psychological Distress for Healthcare Workers in a Major Saudi COVID-19 Center

    Alyami, Hussain; Krägeloh, Christian U.; Medvedev, Oleg N.; Alghamdi, Saleh; Alyami, Mubarak; Althagafi, Jamal; Lyndon, Mataroria; Hill, Andrew G. (2022-04-07)
    This study investigated the relationship between fear of COVID-19, previous exposure to COVID-19, perceived vulnerability to disease, sleep quality, and psychological distress among healthcare workers (HCWs) in Taif city ...
  • Network analysis of mindfulness facets, affect, compassion, and distress.

    Medvedev, Oleg N.; Cervin, Matti; Barcaccia, Barbara; Siegert, Richard J.; Roemer, Anja; Krägeloh, Christian U. (Springer, 2020)
    Objectives: Mindfulness, positive affect, and compassion may protect against psychological distress but there is lack of understanding about the ways in which these factors are linked to mental health. Network analysis is ...
  • A novel way to quantify schizophrenia symptoms in clinical trials

    Medvedev, Oleg N.; Berk, Michael; Dean, Olivia M.; Brown, Ellie; Sandham, Margaret H.; Dipnall, Joanna F.; McNamara, Robert K.; Sumich, Alexander; Krägeloh, Christian U.; Narayanan, Ajit; Siegert, Richard J. (Wiley, 2020)
    BACKGROUND: A major problem in quantifying symptoms of schizophrenia is establishing a reliable distinction between enduring and dynamic aspects of psychopathology. This is critical for accurate diagnosis, monitoring and ...