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  • Geotechnical Offshore Seabed Tool (GOST): CPTu measurements and operations in New Zealand.

    Jorat, M.E.; Mörz, T.; Schunn, W.; Kreiter, S.; Moon, Vicki G.; de Lange, Willem P. (, 2014)
    The Geotechnical Offshore Seabed Tool (GOST) was used in three field campaigns in on-and offshore areas in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Offshore measurements were performed along the main shipping channel in the ...
  • Monitoring the landslide at Bramley Drive, Tauranga, NZ

    Moon, Vicki G.; de Lange, Willem P.; Garae, C.P.; Morz, T.; Jorat, M.E.; Kreiter, S. (2015)
    Omokoroa Peninsula, Tauranga Harbour, is prone to landslides in sensitive pyroclastic soils, especially in coastal bluffs. The largest is the landslide at Bramley Drive that first occurred in 1979, and was reactivated in ...
  • The role of halloysite morphology on undrained shear strength and sensitivity of volcanic ashes in New Zealand

    Kluger, Michal; Seibel, D.; Moon, Vicki G.; Kreiter, S.; Hepp, D.A.; de Lange, Willem P.; Jorat, Ehsan; Mörz, T. (2015-09-07)
    Large areas of the North Island of New Zealand are covered by thick Pleistocene pyroclastic deposits that are often prone to coastal landslides. In the Tauranga region (Fig. 1a) some landslides are associated with the ...