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  • Evaluation of Deep Neural Network and alternating decision tree for kiwifruit detection

    Kuang, Ye Chow; Streeter, Lee; Cree, Michael J.; Ooi, Melanie Po-Leen (2019)
    Robotic kiwifruit harvesting systems are currently being introduced to improve the reliability and farming yields of kiwifruit harvesting operations. Machine learning is widely used to carry out the visual detection tasks ...
  • Impact of circadian tuning on the illuminance and color uniformity of a multichannel luminaire with spatially optimized LED placement

    Abeysekera, Sanush K.; Kalavally, Vineetha; Ooi, Melanie Po-Leen; Kuang, Ye Chow (OPTICAL SOC AMER, 2020-01-06)
    Potential advantages offered by multichannel luminaires with regards to spectral tuning are frequently overshadowed by its design challenges, a major one being the non-uniformity in illuminance and color distribution. In ...
  • Integration of stereo vision system calibration and kinematic calibration for an autonomous kiwifruit harvesting system

    Au, Chi Kit; Lim, Shen Hin; Duke, Mike; Kuang, Ye Chow; Redstall, Michael; Ting, Chia-nan (Springer, 2022-10-17)
    Stereo vision system and manipulator are two major components of an autonomous fruit harvesting system. In order to raise the fruit-harvesting rate, stereo vision system calibration and kinematic calibration are two ...
  • Reliability-based design optimisation of structural systems using high-order analytical moments

    Rajan, Arvind; Luo, Fu Jia; Kuang, Ye Chow; Bai, Yu; Ooi, Melanie Po-Leen (Elsevier, 2020)
    Reliability-based design optimisation paradigm has become increasingly popular to achieve economical yet safer structural designs. However, within the iterative optimisation procedure, it is a challenging problem to ...
  • Roadmap on signal processing for next generation measurement systems

    Iakovidis, Dimitris K.; Ooi, Melanie Po-Leen; Kuang, Ye Chow; Demidenko, Serge; Shestakov, Alexandr; Sinitsin, Vladimir; Henry, Manus; Sciacchitano, A; Discetti, S; Donati, S; Norgia, M; Menychtas, A; Maglogiannis, I; Wriessnegger, SC; Chacon, LAB; Dimas, G; Filos, D; Aletras, AH; Toger, J; Dong, F; Ren, S; Uhl, A; Paziewski, J; Geng, J; Fioranelli, F; Narayanan, RM; Fernandez, C; Stiller, C; Malamousi, K; Kamnis, S; Delibasis, K; Wang, Dong; Zhang, Jianjing; Gao, Robert X. (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2022-01-01)
    Signal processing is a fundamental component of almost any sensor-enabled system, with a wide range of applications across different scientific disciplines. Time series data, images, and video sequences comprise representative ...