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  • Behaviour based ransomware detection

    Chew, Christopher J.W.; Kumar, Vimal (EasyChair, 2019)
    Ransomware is an ever-increasing threat in the world of cyber security targeting vulnerable users and companies, but what is lacking is an easier way to group, and devise practical and easy solutions which every day users ...
  • A bilinear pairing based secure data aggregation scheme for WSNs

    Kumar, Vimal (IEEE, 2019)
    End to end secure data aggregation scheme for wireless sensor networks that are based on public key cryptography generally use elliptic curves. However elliptic curve based protocols require messages to be mapped to elliptic ...
  • ESCAPADE: Encryption-type-ransomeware: system call based pattern detection

    Chew, Christopher; Kumar, Vimal; Patros, Panos; Malik, Robi (Springer, 2020)
    Encryption-type ransomware has risen in prominence lately as the go-to malware for threat actors aiming to compromise Android devices. In this paper, we present a ransomware detection technique based on behaviours observed ...
  • Personal data collection in the workplace: ethical and technical challenges

    Bowen, Judy; Hinze, Annika; Griffiths, Christopher John Gilder; Kumar, Vimal; Bainbridge, David (2017)
    Forestry is a dangerous work environment and collecting data on site to identify and warn about hazardous situations is challenging. In this paper, we discuss our attempts at creating continuous data-collection methods ...
  • Towards embedding data provenance in files

    Phua, Thye Way; Patros, Panos; Kumar, Vimal (IEEE, 2021)
    Data provenance (keeping track of who did what, where, when and how) boasts of various attractive use cases for distributed systems, such as intrusion detection, forensic analysis and secure information dependability. This ...

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