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  • Obesity and breast cancer outcomes in chemotherapy patients in New Zealand - a population-based cohort study

    Elwood, J. Mark; Tin Tin, Sandar; Kuper-Hommel, Marion; Lawrenson, Ross; Campbell, Ian (BMC, 2018)
    Background: Obesity has been reported as an adverse prognostic factor in breast cancer, but inconsistently, and under-treatment with chemotherapy may occur. We provide the first assessment of obesity and breast cancer ...
  • The use of trastuzumab in New Zealand women with breast cancer

    Lawrenson, Ross; Lao, Chunhuan; Campbell, Ian; Harvey, Vernon; Brown, Charis; Seneviratne, Sanjeewa; Edwards, Melissa; Elwood, Mark; Kuper-Hommel, Marion (Wiley, 2017)
    Aim Trastuzumab was first funded in New Zealand for use in HER2+ve stage I–III breast cancer in 2007. This observational study aims to ascertain the patterns of use of trastuzumab in women with invasive HER2+ve breast ...