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  • A method for assessing the physical recovery of Antarctic desert pavements following human-induced disturbances: A case study in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica

    O'Neill, Tanya Ann; Balks, Megan R.; López-Martínez, Jerónimo; McWhirter, Judith L. (Elsevier, 2012)
    With increasing visitor numbers an understanding of the impacts of human activities in Antarctic terrestrial environments has become important. The objective of this study was to develop a means for assessing recovery of ...
  • A roadmap for Antarctic and Southern Ocean science for the next two decades and beyond

    Kennicutt, MC; Chown, SL; Cassano, JJ; Liggett, D; Peck, LS; Massom, R; Rintoul, SR; Storey, J; Vaughan, DG; Wilson, TJ; Allison, I; Ayton, J; Badhe, R; Baeseman, J; Barrett, PJ; Bell, RE; Bertler, N; Bo, S; Brandt, A; Bromwich, D; Cary, S. Craig; Clark, MS; Convey, P; Costa, ES; Cowan, D; Deconto, R; Dunbar, R; Elfring, C; Escutia, C; Francis, J; Fricker, HA; Fukuchi, M; Gilbert, N; Gutt, J; Havermans, C; Hik, D; Hosie, G; Jones, C; Kim, YD; Le Maho, Y; Lee, SH; Leppe, M; Leitchenkov, G; Li, X; Lipenkov, V; Lochte, K; López-Martínez, Jerónimo; Lüdecke, C; Lyons, W; Marenssi, S; Miller, H; Morozova, P; Naish, T; Nayak, S; Ravindra, R; Retamales, J; Ricci, CA; Rogan-Finnemore, M; Ropert-Coudert, Y; Samah, AA; Sanson, L; Scambos, T; Schloss, IR; Shiraishi, K; Siegert, MJ; Simões, JC; Storey, B; Sparrow, MD; Wall, D.H.; Walsh, JC; Wilson, G; Winther, JG; Xavier, JC; Yang, H; Sutherland, WJ (Cambridge University Press, 2015)
    Antarctic and Southern Ocean science is vital to understanding natural variability, the processes that govern global change and the role of humans in the Earth and climate system. The potential for new knowledge to be ...
  • The short-term effects of surface soil disturbance on soil bacterial community structure at an experimental site near Scott Base, Antarctica

    O’Neill, Tanya Ann; Balks, Megan R.; Stevenson, Bryan A.; López-Martínez, Jerónimo; Aislabie, Jackie M.; Rhodes, Phillipa (Springer-Verlag, 2013)
    Humans are visiting Antarctica in increasing numbers, and the ecological effect of rapid soil habitat alteration due to human-induced physical disturbance is not well understood. An experimental soil disturbance trial was ...
  • Thermal state of permafrost and active-layer monitoring in the antarctic: Advances during the international polar year 2007-2009

    Vieira, Goncalo; Bockheim, James; Guglielmin, Mauro; Balks, Megan R.; Abramov, Jan; Cannone, Nicoletta; Ganzert, Lars; Gilichinsky, David A.; Goryachkin, Sergey; López-Martínez, Jerónimo; Meiklejohn, Ian; Raffi, Rossana; Ramos, Miguel; Schaefer, Carlos; Serrano, Enrique; Simas, Felipe; Sletten, Ronald; Wagner, Dirk (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2010)
    Results obtained during the International Polar Year (IPY) on the thermal state of permafrost and the active layer in the Antarctic are presented, forming part of ANTPAS ( Antarctic Permafrost and Soils ), which was one ...
  • Visual recovery of desert pavement surfaces following impacts from vehicle and foot traffic in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica

    O'Neill, Tanya Ann; Balks, Megan R.; López-Martínez, Jerónimo (Cambridge University Press, 2013)
    Sites of past human activity were investigated to assess the visual recovery of the desert pavement following impacts from human trampling and vehicle traffic. Visually disturbed and nearby control sites were assessed using ...

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