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  • Adaptive feature thresholding for off-line signature verification

    Larkins, Robert L.; Mayo, Michael (IEEE Press, 2008)
    This paper introduces Adaptive Feature Thresholding (AFT) which is a novel method of person-dependent off-line signature verification. AFT enhances how a simple image feature of a signature is converted to a binary feature ...
  • Analysing and Enhancing the Coarse Registration Pipeline

    Larkins, Robert L. (University of Waikato, 2015)
    The current and continual development of sensors and imaging systems capable of acquiring three-dimensional data provides a novel form in which the world can be expressed and examined. The acquisition process, however, is ...
  • Analysis of binning of normals for spherical harmonic cross-correlation

    Larkins, Robert L.; Cree, Michael J.; Dorrington, Adrian A. (Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, 2012)
    Spherical harmonic cross-correlation is a robust registration technique that uses the normals of two overlapping point clouds to bring them into coarse rotational alignment. This registration technique however has a high ...
  • Analysis of ICP variants for the registration of partially overlapping time-of-flight range images

    Larkins, Robert L.; Cree, Michael J.; Dorrington, Adrian A. (IEEE, 2010)
    The iterative closest point (ICP) algorithm is one of the most commonly used methods for registering partially overlapping range images. Nevertheless, this algorithm was not originally designed for this task, and many ...
  • Off-line signature verification

    Larkins, Robert L. (The University of Waikato, 2009)
    In today’s society signatures are the most accepted form of identity verification. However, they have the unfortunate side-effect of being easily abused by those who would feign the identification or intent of an individual. ...

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