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  • District plan implementation under the RMA: Confessions of a resource consent

    Day, Maxine; Backhurst, Michael; Ericksen, Neil; Crawford, Janet; Chapman, Sarah; Berke, Philip; Laurian, Lucie; Dixon, Jennifer; Jefferies, Richard; Warren, Tricia; Barfoot, Cushla; Mason, Greg; Bennett, Matthew; Gibson, Claire (2003-04-15)
    This report focuses on results from Phase 2 of PUCM - the quality of plan implementation in six district councils selected for their range of plan quality and capacity to plan. Only those results considered to be important ...
  • Evaluating the outcomes of plans: theory, practice, and methodology

    Laurian, Lucie; Crawford, Janet; Day, Maxine; Kouwenhoven, Peter; Mason, Greg; Ericksen, Neil; Beattie, Lee (Pion Ltd, 2010)
    Despite calls for performance-oriented and evidence-based planning, the outcomes of land use and environmental plans are rarely monitored or assessed ex post facto (that is, post implementation). As a result, planners ...
  • Evaluation of iwi and hapū participation in the resource consents processes of six district councils

    Backhurst, Michael; Day, Maxine; Warren, Tricia; Ericksen, Neil; Crawford, Janet; Jefferies, Richard; Bennett, Matthew; Berke, Philip; Chapman, Sarah; Laurian, Lucie (International Global Change Institute, University of Waikato, 2004-03)
    This working paper analyses the processes adopted by councils for involving hapū/iwi in plan implementation, including the resource consents process. Three topic issues were investigated to assess plan implementation — ...
  • The quality of district plans and their implementation: Towards environmental quality

    Backhurst, Michael; Day, Maxine; Crawford, Janet; Ericksen, Neil; Berke, Philip; Laurian, Lucie; Dixon, Jennifer; Chapman, Sarah (2002-04)
    Since inception of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) the issue of sustainable management has dominated planning practice in New Zealand. Over the past decade, councils have wrestled with converting the concept of ...