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  • A compositional approach for verifying generalized nonblocking

    Malik, Robi; Leduc, Ryan (IEEE, 2009)
    This paper proposes a compositional approach to verify the generalised nonblocking property of discrete-event systems. Generalised nonblocking is introduced in to overcome weaknesses of the standard nonblocking check in ...
  • Compositional nonblocking verificationusing generalised nonblocking abstractions

    Malik, Robi; Leduc, Ryan (IEEE, 2013)
    This paper proposes a method for compositional verification of the standard and generalized nonblocking properties of large discrete event systems. The method is efficient as it avoids the explicit construction of the ...
  • Generalised Nonblocking

    Malik, Robi; Leduc, Ryan (IEEE Computer Society, 2008)
    This paper studies the nonblocking check used in supervisory control of discrete event systems and its limitations. Different examples with different liveness requirements are discussed. It is shown that the standard ...
  • Hierarchical interface-based supervisory control using the conflict preorder

    Malik, Robi; Leduc, Ryan (The international Federation of Automatic Control, 2012)
    Hierarchical Interface-Based Supervisory Control decomposes a large discrete event system into subsystems linked to each other by interfaces, facilitating the design of complex systems and the re-use of components. By ...
  • Hierarchical modelling of manufacturing systems using discrete event systems and the conflict preorder

    Malik, Robi; Leduc, Ryan (SPRINGER, 2015-06-01)
    This paper introduces Hierarchical Interface-Based Supervisory Control using the Conflict Preorder and applies it to the design of two manufacturing systems models of practical scale. Hierarchical Interface-Based Supervisory ...

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