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  • Cadmium mobilisation by dissolved organic matter in contaminated soils amended with compost and peat

    Welikala, Dharshika; Lehto, Niklas; Hartland, Adam; Robinson, Brett (2019)
    Some organic matter (OM) soil amendments derived from biowaste have been shown to reduce plant uptake of Cd, which presents them as an attractive option for mitigating potential health risks on some contaminated soils. ...
  • Towards a quantitative proxy of cave dripwater hydrology

    Hartland, Adam; Hu, Chaoyong; Enge, Gabriel; Zitoun, Rebecca; Lehto, Niklas; Salmanzadeh, Mahdiyeh; Fox, Beth R.S.; Dosseto, Anthony; Breitenbach, Sebastian (2018)
    Speleothems capture a wide range of geochemical signals related to hydroclimate variability. However, the quantification of climatic parameters (e.g. rainfall, temperature) using traditional proxies is hampered by the ...