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  • Design of a Pseudo-Holographic Distributed Time-of-Flight Sonar Range-Imaging System

    Streeter, Lee; Scott, Jonathan B.; Lickfold, Carl A.; Cree, Michael J. (IEEE, 2016)
    The design of an audible sonar distributed sensor time-of-flight range imaging system is investigated, sonar being chosen as a substitute for optical range imaging due to cost and simplicity of implementation. The distributed ...
  • Simultaneous phase and frequency stepping in Time-of-flight range imaging

    Lickfold, Carl A.; Streeter, Lee; Cree, Michael J.; Scott, Jonathan B. (IEEE, 2019)
    Time-of-flight (ToF) range imaging is an established full-field depth acquisition technology. ToF is prone to several forms of error, notably multi-path interference (MPI). Frequency stepping ToF mitigates these errors, ...

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