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  • Cylindrical spikes

    Moughal, Muhammad Zubair Ali; Lim, Woei Chet (IOP Publishing LTD, 2021)
    The Geroch/Stephani transformation is a solution-generating transformation, and may generate spiky solutions. The spikes in solutions generated so far are either early-time permanent spikes or transient spikes. We want to ...
  • Non-orthogonally transitive G₂ spike solution

    Lim, Woei Chet (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2015)
    We generalize the orthogonally transitive (OT) G₂ spike solution to the non-OT G₂ case. This is achieved by applying Geroch's transformation on a Kasner seed. The new solution contains two more parameters than the OT G₂ ...
  • On the first G₁ stiff fluid spike solution in General Relativity

    Coley, A.A.; Gregoris, D.; Lim, Woei Chet (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2016)
    Using the Geroch transformation we obtain the first example of an exact stiff fluid spike solution to the Einstein field equations in a closed form exhibiting a spacelike G₁ group of symmetries (i.e., with a single isometry). ...
  • Spike oscillations

    Heinzle, J. Mark; Uggla, Claes; Lim, Woei Chet (American Physical Society, 2012)
    According to Belinskii., Khalatnikov and Lifshitz (BKL), a generic spacelike singularity is characterized by asymptotic locality: Asymptotically, toward the singularity, each spatial point evolves independently from its ...
  • Spikes and matter inhomogeneities in massless scalar field models

    Coley, A.A.; Lim, Woei Chet (IOP Publishing LTD, 2016-01-07)
    We shall discuss the general relativistic generation of spikes in a massless scalar field or stiff perfect fluid model. We first investigate orthogonally transitive (OT) G 2 stiff fluid spike models both heuristically and ...

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