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  • Measuring the bulk impedance of brain tissue in vitro

    Wilson, Marcus T.; Lin, Oliver D.; Voss, L.J.; Jones, K. (2015)
    Theoretical and numerical models of brain activity suggest a link between seizures and electrical connectivity. We have therefore been motivated to measure electrical conductivity in brain tissue. Such measurements in vitro ...
  • Measuring the electrical impedance of mouse brain tissue

    Wilson, Marcus T.; Elbohouty, Maher; Lin, Oliver D.; Voss, Logan J.; Jones, Keith; Steyn-Ross, D. Alistair (2014)
    We report on an experimental method to measure conductivity of cortical tissue. We use a pair of 5mm diameter Ag/AgCl electrodes in a Perspex sandwich device that can be brought to a distance of 400 microns apart. The ...