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  • Using crowdsourcing marketplaces for network measurements: the case of Spoofer

    Lone, Qasim; Luckie, Matthew John; Korczynski, Maciej; Asghari, Hadi; Javed, Mobin; van Eeten, Michel (IEEE, 2018)
    Internet measurement tools are used to make inferences about network policies and practices across the Internet, such as censorship, traffic manipulation, bandwidth, and security measures. Some tools must be run from vantage ...
  • Using loops observed in Traceroute to infer the ability to Spoof

    Lone, Qasim; Luckie, Matthew John; Korczyński, Maciej; van Eeten, Michel (Springer, 2017)
    Despite source IP address spoofing being a known vulnerability for at least 25 years, and despite many efforts to shed light on the problem, spoofing remains a popular attack method for redirection, amplification, and ...