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  • The potential of New Zealand kauri (Agathis australis) for testing the synchronicity of abrupt climate change during the Last Glacial Interval (60,000–11,700 years ago)

    Turney, Chris S.M.; Fifield, L. Keith; Hogg, Alan G.; Palmer, Jonathan G.; Hughen, Konrad A.; Baillie, Mike G.L.; Galbraith, Rex; Ogden, John; Lorrey, Andrew; Tims, Stephen G.; Jones, Richard T. (Elsevier, 2010)
    The latter part of the Last Glacial Interval (LGI; 60,000 to 11,700 years ago) experienced a range of climatic and environment extremes. To elucidate the mechanisms of these changes requires records of past variability ...
  • Rapid global ocean-atmosphere response to Southern Ocean freshening during the last glacial

    Turney, Chris S.M.; Jones, Richard T.; Phipps, Steven J.; Thomas, Zoë; Hogg, Alan G.; Kershaw, A. Peter; Fogwill, Christopher J.; Palmer, Jonathan; Bronk Ramsey, Christopher; Adolphi, Florian; Muscheler, Raimund; Hughen, Konrad A.; Staff, Richard A.; Grosvenor, Mark; Golledge, Nicholas R.; Olander Rasmussen, Sune; Hutchinson, David K.; Haberle, Simon; Lorrey, Andrew; Boswijk, Gretel; Cooper, Alan (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
    Contrasting Greenland and Antarctic temperatures during the last glacial period (115,000 to 11,650 years ago) are thought to have been driven by imbalances in the rates of formation of North Atlantic and Antarctic Deep ...
  • Towards a radiocarbon calibration for oxygen isotope stage 3 using New Zealand kauri (Agathis australis)

    Turney, Chris S.M.; Fifield, L. Keith; Palmer, Jonathan G.; Hogg, Alan G.; Baillie, Mike G.L.; Galbraith, Rex; Ogden, John; Lorrey, Andrew; Tims, Stephen G. (University of Arizona, Department of Geosciences, 2007)
    It is well known that radiocarbon years do not directly equate to calendar time. As a result, considerable effort has been devoted to generating a decadally resolved calibration curve for the Holocene and latter part of ...