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  • Critical discussion of Daniel C. Dennett, The Intentional Stance.

    Lumsden, David (1993-07-01)
    Daniel Dennett spends a good bit of time defending the possibility of a compromise position on the reality of beliefs and desires. It will be claimed that a puzzle remains in the interpretation of Dennett's position. In ...
  • Crossing the symbolic threshold: a critical review of Terrence Deacon's The Symbolic Species

    Lumsden, David (CARFAX PUBLISHING, 2002-06-01)
    Terrence Deacon's views about the origin of language are based on a particular notion of a symbol. While the notion is derived from Peirce's semiotics, it diverges from that source and needs to be investigated on its own ...
  • Kinds of conversational cooperation

    Lumsden, David (Elsevier, 2008-03)
    The Cooperative Principle was the organizing principle in Grice’s pragmatics. More recently, cooperation has played a reduced role in pragmatic theory. The principle has been attacked on the grounds that people are not ...
  • The relationship between speaker's reference and semantic reference

    Lumsden, David (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2010)
    The distinction between speaker's and semantic reference arose in connection with Donnellan's distinction between the referential use and the attributive use of definite descriptions. The central issue concerning the ...

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