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  • The dynamics of expanding mangroves in New Zealand

    Horstman, Erik M.; Lundquist, Carolyn J.; Bryan, Karin R.; Bulmer, Richard H.; Mullarney, Julia C.; Stokes, Debra J. (Springer, 2018)
    In contrast to the global trend of mangrove decline, New Zealand mangroves are rapidly expanding, facilitated by elevated sediment inputs in coastal waters as a consequence of large-scale land use changes following European ...
  • Mangrove (Avicennia marina subsp. australasica) litter production and decomposition in a temperate estuary

    Gladstone-Gallagher, Rebecca Vivian; Lundquist, Carolyn J.; Pilditch, Conrad A. (Taylor & Francis, 2013)
    Mangrove forests can provide important cross-boundary subsidies of organic matter to adjacent habitats through the production, export, decomposition and assimilation of litter. We quantified two of these components in a ...
  • A new record of Percursaria percursa (Ulvaceae, Ulvales) on the North Island, New Zealand

    Pratt, S.J.; Lundquist, Carolyn J.; Nelson, W; Gemmill, Chrissen E.C. (Royal Society of New Zealand, 2013)
    The filamentous green alga Percursaria percursa (Ulvaceae, Ulvales) was recorded for the first time on the North Island of New Zealand at mokoroa Estuary, Tauranga Harbour. This species is previously known within New Zealand ...
  • New Zealand seagrass – More threatened than IUCN review indicates

    Matheson, Fleur E.; Lundquist, Carolyn J.; Gemmill, Chrissen E.C.; Pilditch, Conrad A. (Elsevier, 2011)
    A recent article describing an extinction risk assessment of the world’s seagrass species (Short et al., 2011) assigned New Zealand’s only seagrass species, Zostera muelleri, to the IUCN Red List category of ‘Least Concern’. ...
  • Phylogeography of New Zealand’s coastal benthos

    Ross, Philip M.; Hogg, Ian D.; Pilditch, Conrad A.; Lundquist, Carolyn J. (The Royal Society of New Zealand, 2009)
    During the past 30 years, 42 molecular studies have been undertaken in New Zealand to examine the phylogeography of coastal benthic invertebrates and plants. Here, we identify generalities and/or patterns that have emerged ...

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