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  • AusTraits, a curated plant trait database for the Australian flora

    Falster, D.; Gallagher, R; Wenk, EH; Wright, IJ; Indiarto, D.; Andrew, SC; Baxter, C.; Lawson, J.; Allen, Stuart.; Fuchs, A.; Monro, A.; Kar, F.; Adams, MA; Ahrens, CW; Alfonzetti, M.; Angevin, T.; Apgaua, DMG; Arndt, Stefan K.; Atkin, Owen K.; Atkinson, J.; Auld, T.; Baker, A.; von Balthazar, M.; Bean, A.; Blackman, CJ; Bloomfeld, K.; Bowman, DMJS; Bragg, J.; Brodribb, TJ; Buckton, G.; Burrows, G.; Caldwell, E.; Camac, J.; Carpenter, R.; Catford, J.; Cawthray, GR; Cernusak, LA; Chandler, G.; Chapman, AR; Cheal, D.; Cheesman, AW; Chen, S. -C.; Choat, B.; Clinton, B.; Clode, PL; Coleman, H.; Cornwell, WK; Cosgrove, M.; Crisp, M; Cross, E.; Crous, KY; Cunningham, S.; Curran, T.; Curtis, E.; Daws, M.; DeGabriel, JL; Denton, MD; Dong, N.; Du, P.; Duan, H.; Duncan, DH; Duncan, RP; Duretto, M.; Dwyer, JM; Edwards, C.; Esperon-Rodriguez, M; Evans, JR; Everingham, SE; Farrell, C.; Firn, J.; Fonseca, CR; French, BJ; Frood, D; Funk, JL; Geange, SR; Ghannoum, O; Gleason, SM; Gosper, CR; Gray, E; Groom, PK; Grootemaat, S; Gross, C; Guerin, G; Guja, L; Hahs, AK; Harrison, MT; Hayes, PE; Henery, M; Hochuli, D; Howell, J; Huang, G; Hughes, L; Huisman, J; Ilic, J; Jagdish, A; Jin, D; Jordan, G; Jurado, E; Kanowski, J; Kasel, S; Kellermann, J; Kenny, B; Kohout, M; Kooyman, RM; Kotowska, MM; Lai, HR; Laliberte, E; Lambers, H; Lamont, BB; Lanfear, R; van Langevelde, F; Laughlin, DC; Laugier-kitchener, B-A; Laurance, S; Lehmann, CER; Leigh, A; Leishman, MR; Lenz, T; Lepschi, B; Lewis, JD; Lim, F; Liu, U; Lord, J; Lusk, Christopher H.; Macinnis-Ng, C; McPherson, H; Magallon, S; Manea, A; Lopez-Martinez, A; Mayfeld, M; McCarthy, JK; Meers, T; van der Merwe, M; Metcalfe, DJ; Milberg, P; Mokany, K; Moles, AT; Moore, BD; Moore, N; Morgan, JW; Morris, W; Muir, A; Munroe, S; Nicholson, A; Nicolle, D; Nicotra, AB; Niinemets, U; North, T; O'Reilly-Nugent, A; O'Sullivan, OS; Oberle, B; Onoda, Y; Ooi, MKJ; Osborne, CP; Paczkowska, G; Pekin, B; Pereira, CG; Pickering, C; Pickup, M; Pollock, LJ; Poot, P; Powell, JR; Power, S; Prentice, IC; Prior, L; Prober, SM; Read, J; Reynolds, V; Richards, AE; Richardson, B; Roderick, ML; Rosell, JA; Rossetto, M.; Rye, B.; Rymer, PD; Sams, M; Sanson, G; Sauquet, H; Schmidt, S; Schoenenberger, J; Schulze, E-D; Sendall, K; Sinclair, S; Smith, B; Smith, R; Soper, F; Sparrow, B; Standish, RJ; Staples, TL; Stephens, R; Szota, C; Taseski, G; Tasker, E; Thomas, F; Tissue, DT; Tjoelker, MG; Tng, DYP; de Tombeur, F; Tomlinson, K; Turner, NC; Veneklaas, EJ; Venn, S; Vesk, P; Vlasveld, C; Vorontsova, MS; Warren, CA; Warwick, N; Weerasinghe, LK; Wells, J; Westoby, M; White, Melissa; Williams, NSG; Wills, J; Wilson, PG; Yates, C.; Zanne, A. E.; Zemunik, G.; Zieminska, K. (Nature Portfolio, 2021)
    We introduce the AusTraits database - a compilation of values of plant traits for taxa in the Australian flora (hereafter AusTraits). AusTraits synthesises data on 448 traits across 28,640 taxa from field campaigns, published ...
  • Conifer-angiosperm interactions: Physiological ecology and life history.

    Lusk, Christopher H. (Smithsonian Institution Press, 2011)
    Worldwide, conifers are most successful on sites subject to chronic stresses that limit productivity (low temperatures, nutrient poverty, poor drainage). They are poorly represented in the lowland tropics but are often ...
  • Correlates of tree species sorting along a temperature gradient in New Zealand rain forests: seedling functional traits, growth and shade tolerance

    Lusk, Christopher H.; Kaneko, Teruko; Grierson, Ella; Clearwater, Michael J. (Wiley, 2013)
    1. It is widely believed that species sorting on environmental gradients reflects trade-offs between competitive ability and physiological tolerance of stresses such as frost and desiccation. One specific expression of ...
  • A dated phylogeny shows Plio-Pleistocene climates spurred evolution of antibrowsing defences in the New Zealand flora

    Maurin, Kévin J. L.; Smissen, Rob D.; Lusk, Christopher H. (Wiley, 2021)
    Some plant traits may be legacies of coevolution with extinct megafauna. One example is the convergent evolution of ‘divaricate’ cage architectures in many New Zealand lineages, interpreted as a response to recently extinct ...
  • Effects of growth form and functional traits on response of woody plants to clearing and fragmentation of subtropical rainforest

    Kooyman, R. M.; Zanne, A. E.; Gallagher, R. V.; Cornwell, W.; Rossetto, M.; O’Connor, P.; Parkes, E. A.; Catterall, C. F.; Laffan, S. W.; Lusk, Christopher H. (Wiley, 2013)
    The conservation implications of large-scale rainforest clearing and fragmentation on the persistence of functional and taxonomic diversity remain poorly understood. If traits represent adaptive strategies of plant species ...

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