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  • A new attraction-detachment model for explaining flow sliding in clay-rich tephras

    Kluger, Max O.; Moon, Vicki G.; Kreiter, Stefan; Lowe, David J.; Churchman, G.Jock; Hepp, Daniel A.; Seibel, David; Jorat, M. Ehsan; Mörz, Tobias (The Geological Society of America, 2017-02-01)
    Altered pyroclastic (tephra) deposits are highly susceptible to landsliding, leading to fatali-ties and property damage every year. Halloysite, a low-activity clay mineral, is commonly associated with landslide-prone layers ...
  • Rainfall threshold for initiating effective stress decrease and failure in weathered tephra slopes

    Kluger, Max Oke; Jorat, M. Ehsan; Moon, Vicki G.; Kreiter, Stefan; de Lange, Willem P.; Mörz, Tobias; Robertson, Thomas; Lowe, David J. (Springer (part of Springer Nature), 2019)
    Rainfall is one of the most important triggers of slope failure. Weathered pyroclastic (tephra) deposits are especially vulnerable to slope failure because they commonly form slopes of high porosity and high clay content. ...