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  • Creating culturally-safe schools for Māori students

    Macfarlane, Angus; Glynn, Ted; Cavanagh, Tom; Bateman, Sonja (2007)
    In order to better understand the present trends in New Zealand’s schooling contexts, there is a clarion call for educators to develop sensitivity and sensibility towards the cultural backgrounds and experiences of Māori ...
  • Creating peaceful and effective schools through a culture of care

    Cavanagh, Tom; Macfarlane, Angus; Glynn, Ted; Macfarlane, Sonja (Taylor & Francis, 2013)
    Many schools in New Zealand, the USA, and elsewhere, are searching for ways to respond positively to the educational achievement disparities that exist between majority culture students and students from minority ethnic ...
  • Indigenous epistemology in a national curriculum framework?

    Macfarlane, Angus; Glynn, Ted; Grace, Waiariki; Penetito, Wally; Bateman, Sonja (Sage, 2008)
    In this article, a group of four indigenous Māori educators and one non-Māori educator comment on a proposed amendment to the New Zealand National Curriculum Framework to replace the current separate sets of skills, values ...
  • Māori and bicultural positions: Professional development programme for Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour

    Glynn, Ted; Macfarlane, Angus (Maori and Psychology Research Unit, University of Waikato, 2003)
    The Ministry of Education has introduced a new and far-reaching policy initiative, Special Education 2000. One component of this policy is the provision of professional development for approximately 700 Resource Teachers ...

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