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  • Airborne microbial transport limitation to isolated Antarctic soil habitats

    Archer, Stephen David James; Lee, Kevin C.; Caruso, Tancredi; Maki, Teruya; Lee, Charles Kai-Wu; Cary, S. Craig; Cowan, Don A.; Maestre, Fernando T.; Pointing, Stephen B. (Nature Publishing Group, 2019)
    Dispersal is a critical yet poorly understood factor underlying macroecological patterns in microbial communities1. Airborne microbial transport is assumed to occupy a central role in determining dispersal outcomes2,3, and ...
  • Global Diversity of Desert Hypolithic Cyanobacteria

    Lacap-Bugler, Donnabella C.; Lee, Kevin K.; Archer, Stephen David James; Gillman, Len N.; Lau, Maggie C.Y.; Leuzinger, Sebastian; Lee, Charles Kai-Wu; Maki, Teruya; McKay, Christopher P.; Perrott, John K.; de los Rios-Murillo, , Asunción; Warren-Rhodes, Kimberley A.; Hopkins, David W.; Pointing, Stephen B. (Frontiers Media SA., 2017)
    Global patterns in diversity were estimated for cyanobacteria-dominated hypolithic communities that colonize ventral surfaces of quartz stones and are common in desert environments. A total of 64 hypolithic communities ...