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  • CZT: A Framework for Z Tools

    Malik, Petra; Utting, Mark (Springer, 2005)
    The Community Z Tools (CZT) project is an open-source Java framework for building formal methods tools for Z and Z dialects. It also includes a set of tools for parsing, typechecking, transforming and printing standard Z ...
  • Incremental verification and synthesis of discrete-event systems guided by counter-examples

    Brandin, Bertil A.; Malik, Robi; Malik, Petra (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE Inc.), 2004)
    This article presents new approaches to system verification and synthesis based on subsystem verification and the novel combined use of counterexamples and heuristics to identify suitable subsystems incrementally. The scope ...
  • Modular control-loop detection

    Malik, Robi; Malik, Petra (IEEE, 2006-07)
    This paper presents an efficient algorithm to detect control-loops in large finite-state systems. The proposed algorithm exploits the modular structure present in many models of practical relevance, and often successfully ...
  • Modular synthesis of discrete controllers

    Malik, Petra; Malik, Robi; Streader, David; Reeves, Steve (IEEE Computer Society, 2007-07)
    This paper presents supervisory control theory in a process-algebraic setting, and proposes a way of synthesising modular supervisors that guarantee nonblocking. The framework used includes the possibility of hiding actions ...
  • Towards a TIP 3.0 service-oriented architecture: Interaction design.

    Hinze, Annika; Malik, Petra; Malik, Robi (University of Waikato, 2005-01-01)
    This paper describes our experience when applying formal methods in the design of the tourist information system TIP, which presents context-sensitive information to mobile users with small screen devices. The dynamics of ...

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