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  • Compression by induction of hierarchical grammars

    Nevill-Manning, Craig G.; Witten, Ian H.; Maulsby, David (Department of Computer Science, University of Waikato, 1993)
    This paper describes a technique that develops models of symbol sequences in the form of small, human-readable, hierarchical grammars. The grammars are both semantically plausible and compact. The technique can induce ...
  • Interactive concept learning for end-user applications

    Maulsby, David; Witten, Ian H. (University of Waikato, Department of Computer Science, 1995-02)
    Personalizable software agents will learn new tasks from their users. This implies being able to learn from instructions users might give: examples, yes/no responses, and ambiguous, incomplete hints. Agents should also ...
  • Learning agents: from user study to implementation

    Maulsby, David; Witten, Ian H. (1996-04)
    Learning agents acquire procedures by being taught rather than programmed. To teach effectively, users prefer communicating in richer and more flexible ways than traditional computer dialogs allow. This paper describes the ...
  • Learning to describe data in actions

    Maulsby, David; Witten, Ian H. (1995)
    Traditional machine learning algorithms have failed to serve the needs of systems for Programming by Demonstration (PBD), which require interaction with a user (a teacher) and a task environment. We argue that traditional ...
  • Teaching agents to learn: from user study to implementation

    Maulsby, David; Witten, Ian H. (IEEE COMPUTER SOC, 1997-11-01)
    Graphical user interfaces have helped center computer use on viewing and editing, rather than on programming. Yet the need for end-user programming continues to grow. Software developers have responded to the demand with ...

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