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  • Light, camera, actions: characterizing the usage of IXPs' action BGP communities

    Mazzola, Fabricio; Marcos, Pedro; Barcellos, Marinho (ACM, 2022-12-06)
    Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) communities, an optional message attribute, allow network operators to tag BGP announcements and act on routing decisions. Although widely used, it is so far unclear how prevalent the different ...
  • On the latency impact of remote peering

    Mazzola, Fabricio; Marcos, Pedro; Castro, Ignacio; Luckie, Matthew John; Barcellos, Marinho (Springer, 2022)
    Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) play an essential role in the Internet, providing a fabric for thousands of Autonomous Systems (ASes) to interconnect. Initially designed to keep local traffic local, IXPs now interconnect ...

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