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  • An evaluation of Kaupapa Māori in Psychology at the University of Waikato

    McAllister, Sue; Walsh, Mikaela; Frost, Christine; Clarkson, Rebecca; Masters-Awatere, Bridgette; Rua, Mohi; Furness, Jane Amanda (Māori & Psychology Research Unit, 2018)
    The University of Waikato’s (UOW) reputation has been built on its unique commitment to Māori aspirations and the educational success of Māori students (The University of Waikato, n.d.-c). Kaupapa Māori has made a significant ...
  • HIV diagnoses in indigenous peoples: comparison of Australia, Canada and New Zealand

    Shea, Beverley; Aspin, Clive; Ward, James; Archibald, Chris; Dickson, Nigel; McDonald, Ann; Penehira, Mera; Halverson, Jessica; Masching, Renee; McAllister, Sue; Smith, Linda Tuhiwai; Kaldor, John M.; Andersson, Neil (Elsevier Ltd, 2011)
    In industrial countries, a number of factors put indigenous peoples at increased risk of HIV infection. National surveillance data between 1999 and 2008 provided diagnoses for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders ...